No Europe without Solidarity | #KurońFestiwal #KPLive [ENG]

Video-introduction by Yanis Varufakis – founder of DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe 2025 Movement)


Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives / DiEM25)
Maciej Konieczny (Partia Razem – Together Party)
Maria Świetlik (Inicjatywa Pracownicza – Workers’ Initiative trade union / Anti TTIP)


Igor Stokfiszewski (Krytyka Polityczna – Political Critique).

What kind of continent do transnational social movements and leftist political circles which create networks of European collaborations struggle in favour for? What does today’s and future Europe look like seen through the eyes of activists from its Southern, Western and Eastern territories? What role in a growing wave of new political formations on the left could Central-Eastern Europe play? And what should we say about the future of democracy on this continent? Discussion about new, truly united and solidary Europe.

The debate is a part of the 3rd Festiwal of Jacek Kuroń within the Time to Talk network of the debates. The debate within this festival take place with the support of the European Union’s Europe for Citizens Programme and as part of an international series of debates on the same theme in cities around Europe, including Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussels, London, Sofia and Warsaw.