Debate: The revolution will not be televised #FestiwalKuronia #KPLive

Governments and politicians attempt to control, mislead, or disarm the media of their ability to earn people’s trust, while markets and corporations tend to commercialize and use them to make people more passive and susceptible to consumerism. Who will be televising the revolution when it happens, then?

Traktor Idea Ursusa

W sobotę 25 czerwca zapraszamy do wspólnej pracy nad wykonaniem instalacji artystycznej Traktor-Idea-Ursusa.

No Europe without Solidarity | #KurońFestiwal #KPLive [ENG]

What kind of continent do transnational social movements and leftist political circles which create networks of European collaborations struggle in favour for? What does today’s and future Europe look like seen through the eyes of activists from its Southern, Western and Eastern territories?

Debate: The revolution will not be televised #FestiwalKuronia #KPLive [ENG]

Governments control the media today and oposition parties looking to become the government aim to control the media tomorrow. Market forces also play their role, with private corporations using the media to provide a platform for their own interests. Are any of them interested in showing the revolution?